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GSVS Diabetes History Form

Please submit this form no less than 48 hours before your appointment. Thank You.

Owner's Name Pet's Name

Date of Appointment (M/D/Y)

  1. What kind of food does your pet eat?
    Dry Canned
  2. How often do you feed your pet?
  3. Have you noticed a change in your pets’ appetite recently?
    Yes, please explain
  4. Does your pet eat “human food”? Yes No
  5. Has your pets’ weight changed recently? Gain Loss Unsure Has not changed 
  6. Have you noticed your pet urinating more than in the past? Yes No
  7. Have you noticed your pet drinking more than in the past?
    Yes, if so, approximately how much more?
  8. CATS ONLY - What type of litter do you use?
    Wood Chips Newspaper Non-Absorbant Litter Gravel or Scoopable Crystals
  9. Please list all prior therapies.
  10. Did these therapies help?
    Yes, if so, which therapies?
  11. Is your pet currently on insulin?
    Yes, if so, what kind, how much & what frequency?
  12. Does your pet have diarrhea? Yes No
  13. Have you noticed a change in your pets’ attitude or behavior recently?
    Yes, if so, please explain
  14. Has your pets energy level changed?
    More than in the past
    Less than in the past
    Has not changed
  15. Are you concerned about any other health issues regarding your pet?
    Yes No
    If yes, please explain

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